Samsung’s 8.4″ Tablet hits FCC, should be the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

With the new year on the horizon, we are getting some more info on the rumored Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 as a Samsung tablet with the screen size of 8.4-inches on the diagonal has hit the FCC.


The name Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 is not confirmed but the existence of a 8.4-inch tablet from Samsung is confirmed. The tablet that has just FCC has the model number SM-T320 and the FCC document shows the device having Bluetooth and WiFi networks only. The screen size is confirmed at 8.4 inches but we have no clue of the resolution of the display or any specs. Samsung is quite notorious for not putting high resolution displays in its tablets but we hope the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 atleast has a 1080p display unit.

Samsung’s tablets have mostly failed to impress me and how will they with the competition being Google’s Nexus 7 but i hope they bring something exciting or even something value for money in this new year. We are quite sure the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, the rumored Galaxy Tab 3 Lite and a couple of more tablets if the rumors are to be believed will be announced at MWC 2014 so there’s not much time to go so stay tuned as we bring you more news as we get to know.