Siri says Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan is the ‘Best Cell Phone Ever’

What will you answer when someone asks you ‘Which is the best cell phone ever?’ Well everybody will have their own opinion and they are bound to differ, but hey the Best Cell Phone ever is the ‘Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan’. 


Wait, before you jump to any conclusion and say it is not and there is the iPhone 4S or the recently launched Galaxy S III and many others, we would just like to clarify that, it is not us but Siri (YES, your personal voice assistant on the iPhone 4S) which thinks that the Lumia 900 is the best cell phone ever. 

It is indeed hilarious and hey there is no false programming to Siri or a prank being played here on iPhone 4S users, but it is actually the result of the excellent analytical engine Wolfram Alpha which Siri is programmed to use and grab results and there it has rated the Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan as the Best Cell Phone ever on the terms of Customer Review Average. Check it

Also do not be mistaken with the above results if you think they are photoshoped, fire up Siri on your iPhone 4S and see what you get to hear from her. And do tell us if you get any different answers. Indeed a shocker for all the Apple Fanboys and the Cupertino based giant. A few people back there in Finland would be laughing their hearts out and thanking Siri.
Nokia should really consider pulling this into its Smartphone Beta Test campaign where it is targeting Apple’s iPhone and marketing the Nokia Lumia 900. Also will Apple do something to change this or is it okay with it? We’ll find it in next few days.