These smartphone camera lenses will transform your phone into a DSLR!

One generally invests to much in a smartphone, that it is expected  to fulfill most of your needs. But then people who want to go ‘professional-grade’ whether it is with photography or communication would rather go for advanced equipment than relying on their phone. Well, how about an ideal middle ground between the two? Yes, rather than investing in an expensive DSLR, you can attach lenses to your phone that will make it perform like one.


Moment is a company made of camera experts that has designed these tiny camera lenses to bridge the gap between a smartphone camera and a DSLR. Not only that, these lenses will not cover the whole back of your smartphone but rather just mount up on a small area making them even more convenient to use. Moment is trying to get the project crowd funded on Kickstarter.

The project entails bringing a telephoto and a wide-angle lens for the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy line of phones. The lenses  will come with half a millimeter thin metal plate that will mount the lens on your phone. In fact, Moment claims that it will fit on most phones. The lenses are multi-element, the wide angle one is 60mm while the Telephoto one is 18mm. Both can be used  to make an HD film. Since the lenses are made of the material used in 4K cameras, they cut distortion to a minimum.

Here is a sample image from the lenses mounted atop an iPhone:


The project has started reaching out for funding on Kickstarter. You can pledge 50$ for a single lens and 100$ for both.