DriveSafe Google Glass app will keep you awake behind the wheel

Car accidents are mostly, some tragedies that could be avoided. While the stats  of people dying in these accidents are horrendous, new stuff is being developed so as to avoid such incidents. Remember Google Glass? The smart glasses which are expected to be outed this year and make life amazing. Yes those ones. While the Google Glass launch still seems miles away, developers have already started offering apps. One such app is DriveSafe, which will prevent accidents by not letting you doze off when you are driving wearing the Google Glass.


How this development started is pretty interesting – It all started when a person named Cecilia Abadie was ticketed for wearing Google Glass while driving. So, began the quest to convince lawmakers that Google Glass rather than distracting the wearer could be used for his or her safety and crystallized into the DriveSafe Google Glass app. How DriveSafe works is simple, it uses internal sensors for detecting when you have fallen asleep behind the wheel.


How the DriveSafe Google Glass app works

The DriveSafe Google Glass app, which isn’t currently available in the Google MyGlass store, has to be sideloaded, but works pretty easily. All you have to do is say,”Ok Google, keep me awake”. From that moment on, the moment you try to fall asleep, what would happen is that a visual and audio alert will come to stop you from doing so. These alerts will be so jarring that you will have to wake up. In fact, it will even guide you to the nearest rest stop if you feel too tired to drive.

It seems the ideal companion for long drives and given the way accidents generally happen, we should take every precaution possible.