5 Smartphone Gadgets You Can Buy Under Rs 100

Your smartphone has a lot of accessories for you to buy, no matter some are cheaper and some are highly expensive. Here is the list of 5 awesome smartphone gadgets that you can buy under Rs 100 on Amazon India. These gadgets are extremely cheaper and can be used in day to day life. Take a look.


1) OTG Adapter

Whether you want to connect a gamepad to your smartphone, or a pen drive or USB drive, or a USB mouse or keyboard, this little gadget can be attached to your smartphone to connect USB devices. Most of us at some point want to connect a USB device to the smartphone but requires an adapter.

Depending on the USB port, pick either micro USB OTG or USB Type-C OTG, the OTG adapter can be connected to the phone’s USB port. Assuming that the USB port on your smartphone is a micro USB port, you can get OTG adapters under Rs 100. For other ports like the USB Type-C might have a little higher price but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get it under Rs 100.

Search with ‘otg adapter’ without quotes on Amazon India find the one you need, all the OTG adapters work the same.

OTG Adapter
USB Type-C Adapter

2) SIM Card Adapter With Pin

In case you have a phone that has a micro SIM slot (or the bigger ones like regular SIM slot) and you have a nano SIM card to fit in, you will require a SIM adapter that will convert the nano SIM into micro SIM or regular SIM depending upon the adapter you choose. Most SIM adapters come with a micro SIM as well as the regular SIM adapters along with a SIM tray ejector PIN. You can even get them under Rs 50, check the link we shared.

Buy SIM card adapter with pin on Amazon India.


3) Ring Stand Holder

Another small accessory for your smartphone that may look simple, but is big on function. It acts as a stand to watch movies or videos and also gives you a good grip holding the phone. Cool isn’t it? They come cheap and can be in different shapes and designs.

These ring stand holders come with a sticky gel pad that sticks to the back of the phone. Put your finger in the ring and your phone is secured from falling. With the added grip, it becomes more comfortable and convenient to use your phone. You can also free your hand to grab other things while still holding onto your phone.

Buy it on Amazon India or hit the Amazon search and find ‘ring stand holder’.


4) 3.5mm Jack Splitter

Want to plug two earphones or headphones at the same time, you will need a 3.5 mm jack splitter. I haven’t seen a single phone as of now that comes with a dual 3.5 mm ports, in fact, smartphones manufacturers are now eliminating the 3.5 mm jack with USB port. And things get messed up when you need a 3.5 mm splitter and your phone doesn’t come with a 3.5 mm jack.

Nevertheless, when you want to play songs in two different headphones or earphones, use the 3.5 mm jack splitter. It simply creates two output lines out of one, hence you are able to plug in two headphones/earphones.

Get the 3.5mm Jack Splitter on Amazon India.


5) Cable Protector

It’s not just you, many people tend to break USB cables easily especially those who have iPhone cables. iPhone USB cables are pretty weak, I have frayed a few cables and some even broke right from the port side. It is not unusual to break USB cables, this handy gadget called cable protectors will save your phone’s USB cable from fraying or breaking apart.

Cable protectors are pocket-friendly, you can get them under Rs 100 on Amazon India. Here’s the link to buy it from Amazon India or you can directly search ‘cable protectors’ without quotes and find the ideal for your phone’s USB cable.


These were the 5 things we know that you could use it with your smartphone. You think you’ve more of it? If you want to add more to the list, shoot them in the comments below.