[Exclusive] ColorOS is now charging for customization; some themes and fonts need to be purchased

ColorOS, the custom user interface for the Android operating system from OPPO, is being used by OPPO devices as well as Realme smartphones. One of the major functions that such custom skins offer to the users is the ability to customize the user interface as per their likings.

Users have the ability to customize their smartphone’s interface with a wide range of themes, icons, fonts, ringtones among others. Till now, users were able to download themes from the ColorOS Theme Store for free of cost, which is no longer the case.

Yes, ColorOS Theme Store has now started charging users for themes. Some of the themes and fonts on the store now have a “Buy” button. From what we’ve seen, the company is charging ₹29 for the themes and is accepting four kinds of options for payments — UPI, Paytm Wallet, Visa and MasterCard, and KoKo Coins in which 1 coin is equal to ₹0.75.

However, it seems that there is an option to “Try Out” the theme to see how it looks on your device before you make your mind to purchase it. The change is now in effect for both OPPO as well as Realme smartphones.

This is a bit surprising given that the company has not yet made any official announcement related to this. The development comes just days before OPPO is set to launch the ColorOS 7 on 20th November in China. Realme CEO Madhav Sheth has also confirmed that Realme smartphones will be getting an exclusively customized version of ColorOS 7 for its smartphones.

Xiaomi’s devices come powered by MIUI which also allows users to customize the interface with themes, icon packs, fonts, wallpapers, etc. and the company is offering them for free. However, Xiaomi does run ads on MIUI while ColorOS offers an ad-free user interface.

Given the backlash faced by Xiaomi over the inclusion of ads in MIUI, OPPO seems to have ditched the idea of ads in the ColorOS and is instead testing a new revenue stream by charging users for customizations. What do you think about this? Do let us know in the comments section below.

UPDATE: We reported that all the themes and fonts on ColorOS are not on chargeable basis but the company has confirmed to us that not all of them but some of the themes and fonts have paid option and the company is still offering some of them for free.