Special Google Glass games will be out soon

The Google Glass is a great addition to Google’s Android devices line since it sets itself apart and is one the most innovative wearable tech devices. While it is still establishing itself in the market, it seems Google is leaving no stone unturned to make it the next-gen device that people aspire to have just like any other. So, after enabling it with stuff such as social networking via a specialized Facebook app, Google is crossing into the next Android frontier- games. Games are being especially developed, so that a Google Glass user can have a vision of hyper-reality like none other, right in front of their eyes. Think of a game only you can play, seeing things as if you are in another universe with no one else even seeing what you are doing – sounds interesting, right?


Which is why we were excited to look at this Google+ post of developer Sean McCracken. He has also posted a video of the same on Instagram. While the video shows that the game is currently not fully developed and does lack some stuff, Kenji Castro from the developer team insists that a better version will be out soon after ironing out the glitches. The game they have designed is a gesture based alien shooter game, but, this is not a one off effort, rather it is one of many underway since Google is lending out Google glasses via its invitation-only Glass explorer project. Many of the people who have got their hands on this expensive piece of tech via that project and are working to put out offerings for Google Glass.

The Google Glass hasn’t yet made it to India, but it is expected to be globally rolled out at the end of the year for an expected price of Rs. 80,000.