Surprise your loved ones this Valentine’s Day with your Voice Message, using mCupid

mcupid-valentines-day Valentine’ day is round the corner & to make it special for your loved ones, VoiceTree Technologies  announced the launch of mCupid service. mCupid service allows the user to add a voice message every time he/she orders flowers or gift online for his/her Valentine instead of sending regular cards with it. mCupid basically aims mCupid to provide service to online florist or gift sellers, which allow users to add voice message along with the gifts, as a replacement of regular message cards.

How to avail the mCupid Service?

  • The user has to make online order only from the mCupid powered website & has to choose the option of the mCupid Voice Message.
  • The website will pass on the information like sender’s number & receiver’s number to the mCupid API after which it will ask the user to dial 011-40440011 for recording the personalized voice message.
  • Upon receiving the delivery of the flowers or gift, the receiver would be required to call 01140440011. On dialing he/she will be able to hear personalized voice message from the sender.

How it will help Users?

  • mCupid gives the user an option of recording their message in their own voice, which adds a personal touch to the message.
  • Unlike cards, it offer good amount of secrecy as the message can be heard only by the concerned person.
  • mCupid also provides an option to record the message in any number of attempts till the finalization of the message.
  • The recorded message is available for two days to be heard by the receiver.