SwiftKey Keyboard launches transliteration feature for Hindi and Gujarati

Keeping the focus on the Indian market, SwiftKey has now launched the transliteration feature for Hindi and Gujarati languages.


SwiftKey has announced the launch of the new transliteration feature that makes it easier for users to type in both Hindi and Gujarati languages. Users can type in English letters or their native script quickly without changing modes. The keyboard would automatically detect the language and script you are typing in to show predictions in the corresponding English or native language script.

The new transliteration feature would be automatically enabled for users who already have Hindi or Gujarati language models installed on their phones. When using the QWERTY layout, users will see Hindi words in English letters whereas when in the native script layout users will only see predictions in the language of that script.

Speaking about the launch, Aarti Samani, India Product Manager, said, “SwiftKey’s aim is to always make typing easier, particularly if you speak more than one language and want to switch seamlessly between them without changing any of your settings. We’re proud to be introducing the feature in Hindi, one of the world’s most spoken languages, and Gujarati, which had previously not been possible to write in English letters.