How to switch business Instagram account into private account [Guide]

By default, anyone can view your business profile photos and posts, not only your followers but people who do not follow you can see all your posts and updates too. Making your Instagram account private means only your followers can see your updates which include stories, photos, videos, and live videos. Here’s how you can switch from a business Instagram account to a private Instagram account.


Switch Business Instagram Account Into Private Account

Instagram hasn’t enabled private profile feature for business and with that, you need to change the account type to personal to make it private. So, if you are thinking to make your business Instagram account private, you need to first change it to personal account type.

To set your business account to private so that only approved followers can see them, head to the Profile, tap on the bottom icon and tap Settings.

Under the Account, go to the last option that says ‘Switch Back to Personal Account’ to change the account type. You can switch back to Business Account anytime later.

Note: When you switch to a personal account, content and insights from your promotions as well as insights to the current and future posts will be lost.

Now to make the account private, go to the Settings again, under Privacy and Security, tap account privacy and then enable the toggle switch Private account. When your account is private, only people you approve can see your photos, videos, and stories on Instagram.




Instagram has also introduced a close friend feature which will allow your stories to be seen by a list of chosen friends created by you. However, this feature doesn’t hide your Instagram photos and videos you’ve posted on your profile, but only works on stories as of now.

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