Talking/texting on phone while driving can cost you Rs. 5000, maybe even arrest

Talking on mobile phone while driving is an evil. No, this is not a public welfare announcement I totally believe talking on the phone while driving is a crazy-out-of-your-ass antic you should never try. New traffic regulations are in place to ensure that you don’t do so. Using your phone while driving can now cost you up to Rs.5000 in traffic challans and can even court arrests. The fine ranges from Rs.500 for first time offenders to Rs.5000 for repeat ones.

But, why such hue and cry over talking on the phone? Well, because it diverts your attention. As it is now, our roads are bad; people hardly follow traffic rules and most importantly, your life is in danger.

Studies have shown that talking on the phone while driving is even more dangerous than driving drunk.

“Cell phone conversation draws attention away from the processing of the visual environment, We found a 50 percent reduction in the processing of visual information when you’re driving and talking on a cell phone.”, says David Strayer of the University of Utah Psychology Department. The risk of an accident jumps up 3 to 6 times when you drive while talking on the phone.

Even Oprah Winfrey was here some time back to spread awareness about the evil of talking on the phone while driving.

Come on, really. What’s the hurry? If you get a call while driving, park your car on the side, switch on the parking lights and talk. Trust me it would take you less time than you would spend recuperating in a hospital.

Talking on the phone while driving is definitely not cool. It doesn’t show that you are busy; it just goes to show that you are reckless and stupid. We hope you learn without suffering from the damages, truly.

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