Tata Docomo announces ‘Open Up’ brand campaign

With the telecom service provides offering lucrative offers to lure in more customers to use their services, Tata Docomo has announced a new brand campaign to get people to stay more connected.


Claiming that people tend to hold back or hesitate in saying what they really feel, which further create regrets that last a lifetime, Tata Docomo launched its new brand campaign called ‘Open Up’, which encourages people to speak up and have more meaningful communication. The campaign offers value for money tariffs such as 20 paise per minute for calls and 20 paise per MB for data usage.

The new Tata Docomo campaign, which will be launched on September 18, will also feature a TVC inspiring people to overcome hesitation and share their thoughts, thus encouraging meaningful conversations rather than just connections.

Speaking about the new campaign, Mr. Gurinder Singh Sandhu, Head, Marketing, Tata DOCOMO, said “We interrogated the landscape of conversations – why people talk, why people listen, what are the pay-offs and to whom. And the answers led us to a magical idea. An insight that often, what is left unsaid is more significant than what was said in conversations. Hence, a fertile territory never explored in telecom but extremely relevant in life was identified. The moment when a guy overcomes his hesitation and speaks his mind. The sheer joy or relief of the speaker and the magic that ensues is where our brand thought of “Open Up” is born.”