Telecom Event : Workshop on Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management and Revenue Risk Management

iVyn TECHNOLOGIES are organising a Workshop, in Gurgaon, New Delhi (NCR), on Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management and Revenue Risk Management. The Course Director of this course is Mark Johnson, who is Founder and Executive Chairman of TRMG. He is having 30 years of rich experience in revenue risk management and communications security. He has the past 20 years working full time in the telecom fraud and revenue assurance arena. As a former Head of Network Fraud Control for Cable & Wireless plc he helped to guide revenue risk operations in Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America, primarily through the central design and development of leakage detection applications.

Mark is a member of the UK Fraud Advisory Panel (FAP) and City Resilience and Security Networks (CSARN), as well as being a leading industry speaker and thinker on evolving communications and online security risks.

The Workshop will help to

  • Understand how revenue loss occurs within telecom operators, in terms of internal and external frauds and revenue leakage in systems and processes
  • Recognize the key symptoms of revenue leakage, as well as the manifestation of technical and non-technical risks
  • Discover key strategies that every operator can adopt to eliminate leakage and improve profitability
  • Gain expertise in assessing revenue risk exposure and in working with operational teams to devise improved business processes or other solutions
  • Assure completeness, accuracy, timelines and security along the entire length of the revenue management chain

The Workshop will benefit Auditors, Finance teams, Business teams from RA, FM and Risk management, Operation management teams, Service Integrators, Risk Managers, Telecom Decision-Makers, Value Added Service Providers, Strategy and Planning teams and Individual aspirants of FM and RA domain

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