Telegram 4.5 update brings in pinned messages, photo album, saved messages and more

More than a month ago, Telegram rolled out update 4.4 that brought along features like live location, media player and support for more languages. Now, Telegram has rolled out update 4.5 that comes along with features like pinned messages, photo album, saved messages and more.


Let’s start with the photo albums first. With the new update, whenever send 10 or less than 10 photos or videos in a chat, they will be grouped in an album and will be arranged as “elegantly proportioned thumbnails”. Moreover, when you send 10 or less than 10 photos/videos to someone, the recipient will only be notified once instead of being notified for each photo/video that he receives.

Furthermore, you can also decide the order in which the photo/video will be sent in a chat. Whenever you select multiple photos/videos, a number will show up at the top-right corner of the thumbnail which will represent the order in which the photo/video will be sent.


Apart from that, whenever you see a photo from an album in a group, the thumbnails of other pictures from the same group will appear below the photo you are viewing. The same applies for profile pictures as well.


With the 4.5 update, Telegram has also introduced ‘Saved Messages’. The Saved Messages will appear as a different chat where you can save the messages by simply forwarding them there. You can forward anything – it can be a text message, photo, video – almost anything. Besides, these saved messages will also have a “go-to” button which will take you directly to the chat where it was originally posted.

These Saved Messages will appear in you chat list, and, they can also be accessed the slide-out panel on Android and from Settings in iOS.


Apart from all this, the 4.5 update also comes with redesigned settings for iOS users, and, it also comes along with support for iPhone X.

This update also brings along improved global search algorithm so that you can search for public channels and bots by their titles. The 4.5 update also comes along with ‘Pinned Messages’ feature in channels which lets channel admins pin message at the top to get their subscribers’ attention quickly.

If you don’t see any of these features on Telegram yet, we suggest you update your app to version 4.5.

Download Link: Android | iOS