Telegram 5.2 update brings in cool new features like undo delete, more granular group permissions, increased group limit, and more

When it comes to cool and useful features, it’s Telegram that always has an upper hand over Facebook-owned WhatsApp. Well, with update 5.2, Telegram has introduced some cool new features that make it much more enticing than WhatsApp.

More power to group admins


With the 5.2 update, Telegram group admins can now prevent group members from sending specific kind of content to the group – be it stickers and GIFs, or links. If you are a group admin, you can head over to the group’s permissions section and select what kind of content do you want to allow on the group. You can also prevent group members from sending any messages to the group.

Have more members in a group


Until now, Telegram allowed a maximum of 1,00,000 members in a group. But now, the company has increased that limit to 2,00,000 members. Telegram has also made improvements to group UI to make it easier for the admins to manage a group.

Undo deleted chats


If you end up deleting a chat or clearing a chat history, it will now be possible for you to get it back. Once you delete a chat or clear a chat history, you will a new ‘Undo’ button that will let you retrieve the deleted chat. However, do note that this option will only appear for five seconds, after that, you won’t be able to retrieve your deleted chat.

There’s more…

With update 5.2, Telegram has also introduced features like sorting contacts by name and by last seen time. Telegram has also improved its animation algorithms and has added an “ultra-light” thumbnail to photos and videos.

Telegram has made some design improvements to search bars on its iOS app and the default dark theme on its Android app. Speaking of Android app, users will now be able to upload a profile picture while creating a new account.

Telegram’s desktop has also got some love. It has got the new group permissions that its Android and iOS counterparts have got. Besides, with version 1.5.8, it also gets support for auto-downloading of files, as well as selecting input/output devices for Telegram Calls.

Lastly, users of Telegram Desktop also get to choose different emoji set.

Telegram, in its blog post, has said that it will be rolling out another “glorious” update in a week or two. After looking at what update 5.2 has brought in, we cannot wait for Telegram to drop its next update.