The mobile phone and the camera


I guess the camera has been one the most amazing additions to a mobile phone. I still remember the first camera equipped handset that I saw was a Nokia 7650. Who would’ve thought that we can capture memories on the same device we use to talk to people wirelessly?
Today we have camera-phones that can provide pictures similar to what our digital cameras produce. With up to 12 and even 16 megapixel camera sensor units available for mobile phones, people are dumping their cameras for a camera-phone. I agree, why spend soo much on a digital camera and a mobile phone when you get both in one package? Yes, you might not get advanced features and settings in every camera-phone, but today loads of mobile handset makers are putting in efforts to provide almost every feature of a camera that you might find on your digicam.

As a photographer, I know there are limitations to a camera on your mobile phone. But if I talk about a general person, he doesn’t need to set shutter speeds or apertures or ISO to click pictures. He just wants a picture that should be sharp, bright, and have vivid colours. And that almost every camera-phone provides these days. However there are the geeks who love their devices and want more out of them. For them (geeks), mobile makers are trying their level best to bring in innovative features and improving upon the basic features. From xenon flash to HDR to burst shots to 3D, the camera-phone has now evolved and the future looks bright.

Here is a list of my favourite camera-phones for this year that you can consider if you are looking a high performance camera unit on a mobile phone.

  • Nokia N8
  • HTC myTouch 4G Slide/Doubleshot
  • Nokia N9
  • Apple iPhone 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S II
Suggestions, queries and comments are welcome.