The New Mercedes A-class is Siri-controlled!

Mercedes Benz has just unveiled its plans for the new A-class. The good news is that every A-class that Mercedes churns out will be fully integrated with not only an iPhone but Apple’s voice assistant Siri too.

How this works is pretty simple. You need to firstly download the drive kit plus app onto your iPhone.  Switch on the app and Voila! The in-car screen turns out to be your own smart device with easy access to Facebook and Twitter. But that’s not all. You can navigate through a controller specially built for this purpose and embedded in your hand rest. Using voice commands, you would be even able to control the Garmin Nuvi GPS that comes with the A-class.

If you have an A-class and an iPhone 4S, no doubt this is pretty much the best news for you. Also, one thing that doesn’t slip past our notice is Mercedes is the first company to get permission from Apple to access Siri.

Still don’t believe us? Click on this link or better still, Watch out for the Geneva Motor show where it is going to be shown off.