Third party Twitter apps getting hit

Just a few days back we had reported that twitter was supposed to pull off support for its Android and iOS mobile apps. Now it seems like many more twitter clients would be biting the dust soon.


According to latest reports, all the popular third-party Twitter applications are getting troubled by Twitter’s new 100,000 API key limit. Popular apps like Carbon for Android, Falcon Pro are badly hit with some app developers planning on taking down the app.

Carbon for Android had to cancel development on an enhanced paid version of Carbon due to poor sales. The app got pirated and touched the maximum 100,000 token limit without proper sales thus causing a huge loss.

Similarly Falcon Pro, which is a twitter app for Android, managed to get just 40,000 paid subscribers before touching the 100,000 token limit. Also Tweetro for Windows 8 had to limit its distribution by introducing the paid version after it crossed the limit within a few days of release. Twitter seems to be trying to highlight its official mobile app, thus killing third party apps.