Twitter to kill its Tweetdeck app for iOS and Android

After acquiring Tweetdeck in 2011 to improve its usability, Twitter has now decided to call it quits. The Tweetdeck version of all the mobile platforms will be taken down in May. While the web app would continue, it would offer limited functionality.


Tweetdeck, which is available as a mobile app for Android and iPhone and as an AIR app for desktop will be discontinued from May. Besides this, the current Facebook integration will also be removed. Tweetdeck has been steadily getting a wider customer base considering its integration with both the social networking sites.

This step had to be taken to help the twitter team to focus on the development of a modern, web-based version of TweetDeck. The current Tweetdeck apps rely on Twitter API v1.0 while the more advanced v1.1 API’s are already available. Also considering the stiff competition between Twitter and Facebook, the company has decided to completely take off Facebook integration from the app.

While the mobile apps will completely be taken off, some desktop versions of Tweetdeck with limited functionality will continue to be available. The web and Chrome versions will get more preference in terms of updates. The tweetdeck app for mobiles would be substituted by Twitter for Android and Twitter for iPhone.