Samsung lost patent suit against Apple in UK

While Apple has the upper hand in the case of patent infringement in the US, where the Company has sued Samsung for damages, on the other hand Samsung had alleged in the UK that Apple had used its patents in the country. Sadly they could not make the charges stand in the court.


According to reports, Samsung had filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in UK for three patents relating to the processing and transmitting of 3G data. When the case came up for hearing in a UK court, Apple was exonerated on each of three claims filed.

This decision in favour of Apple was definitely not appreciated by Samsung and said it would review the judgement to decide whether to file an appeal, as the ruling was too disappointing.

Apple which on the other hand is persistently following its patent infringement case against Samsung in the US claims that it would keep fighting and ask Samsung for the damages caused to the company. Also Nokia has now decided to support Apple in the patent wars.