Tikona launches 2 Mbps Unlimited Plan for Rs. 999


Tikona Digital Network which offers broadband services to users in about 28 cities all over India has today announced the launch of a new truly Unlimited Plan.


Tikona understands the need of its users and so has launched the ‘Unlimited Usage Monthly Super Saver’ which would go on to offer Unlimited usage at 2 Mbps speed and at a monthly rental of just Rs. 999 per month.

The best part of this Unlimited Usage Monthly Super Saver plan is that there is no Fair-Usage-Policy (FUP) which is levied on the plan, nor there is any speed downgrades. This plan could be a hit with users who need fast connectivity to the world of Internet and worry about the Speed and Data limits.

Announcing the plans, Heramb Ranade, Chief Marketing Officer said,

Broadband has become an integral part of home and office experience. Our new plan is a step forward in transforming the aspirations of the Indian consumer into reality by making high speed, unrestricted usage affordable.

Customers interested in opting for this plan can also avail of a free installation service if they choose an annual or six monthly subscriptions and fifty percent waiver if opting for three months subscription. Also Tikona offers customers the facility wherein they can ‘Test Speed and Then Pay’ through a live demo and go for payment only after satisfactory results.
Would you like to opt in for this truly unlimited plan?

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Anand Thakur

Tikona is too useless service provider, only committees and never provide service. I am struggling since last 15 days. Only answer i have is we have assigned engg and you will get SMS for the details. No engg has come and never the SMS.


I have been Tikona broadband Rs 999 user for the last 9 months. so far so good experience! quick customer care service. however, the plan is conditional. After you consume up to 50gbs, the promised speed (2mbps) is sliced to anything between 500kbs to 1mbps thus affecting the total speed. but still, the plan is good as compared to airtel broadband where once you have consumed the permissible data, the speed reduces to 200kbps-a big suck for internet users! Tikona doesn’t do that. even though you consume all data (50gbs), your total speed remains 1mbps or 2mbps (fluctuating often). use… Read more »


@Suniljha:disqus lol..you are an idiot..i guess you dont know about the units used in internet connections…
mbps is mega-bit per sec while MBps is mega-byte per sec
the speed they say is 2mbps not 2MBps…these are two entirely different things….for getting 2MB/s download speed,u need to get arnd 2×8=16~18mbps connection….
In 2mbps connection if you are getting 256KBps(see its KBps not kbps),then you are getting the right amount of download speed….