TikTok caught snooping clipboard data on iOS devices

With the launch of iOS 14 a few days ago, Apple introduced a new privacy-related feature. That new feature has now caught TikTok snooping of the users’ clipboard or copy-and-paste data.


This is more important given that TikTok had said in March that it would stop this practice but as found out, it didn’t.

As an improved privacy feature, Apple has added a new banner alert on iOS 14 that lets users know if an application is pasting from the clipboard and thus, able to read user’s cut-and-paste data.

In response, TikTok is saying that the app is not collecting data from the clipboard, but is triggering the iOS privacy banner through a custom system that identifies repetitive spam behavior. The company promised correct this problem in a future update.

The report also revealed a few other applications checking the iOS clipboard, including AccuWeather, Overstock, AliExpress, Patreon, and Call of Duty Mobile. However, the exact reason for this apps to read copied data is not yet known.

So, whenever TikTok releases a new update for its application on iPhone, users should download is as soon as possible. Also, keep that in mind that TikTok constantly has access to your clipboard data whenever you open the app.