Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram You Should Use in 2019

We often see a lot of beautiful pictures on Instagram and wonder why aren’t we able to click photos like that? But the thing which we don’t realize is that not every picture which is uploaded to Instagram comes straight from the phone. They are edited in various apps and that’s the reason they look so good. Hence to help you create pictures like that we’ve compiled the best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram. Without waiting further, let’s have a look.



Coming from the house of Google, Snapseed is one of the most popular and easy to use apps out there. It was first released for iPhones in August 2011 and later was released for Android devices on December 2012 and with every update, this app keeps getting better.

The latest version of this app has support for Dark Theme Mode and that’s quite impressive as there are hardly any good Photo Editing apps out there with dark mode on them. Snapseed also has support for 29 Tools and Filters and It can also handle JPG and RAW files easily. Some of the effects available in this app Lens Blur, Glamour Glow, HDR Scape and Double Exposure. Use these effects and let your photos steal the hearts of millions of people out there on social media.


2.Adobe Lightroom

Coming from the house of Adobe, Adobe Lightroom was already popular with the photographers who edited their pictures on PC. With its Android release on 14th January 2015, it started gaining popularity and today has more than 50 Million downloads on Play Store.

Adobe Lightroom is also available on iOS and can be downloaded for free on both Android and Apple devices. It has some paid features so users have to pay extra to use those premium features. Features such as Presets, Color Mixer, Profiles are available on this app and can be used free of cost. Unlocking or buying the premium version for the Adobe Lightroom gives you access to more than 8 premium features which includes the Full raw HDR Capture mode for some devices like Samsung S7, S8, Pixel devices, OnePlus 5 and more.


3.PicsArt Photo Editor

With more than 500 Million Downloads on Play Store and with a rating of 4.7 on the App Store, this app is loved by mostly every person out there. It can be downloaded free on both the platforms and contains some In-app purchases. Not only Photographers but this app is also used by the people who love making Memes as its unique tools make the workflow and Image creation easy. PicsArt has a full library of artistic photo filters, frames, borders, callouts and more. It has 100’s of fonts for adding text to your pictures and making memes. You can download PicsArt from the links given below.



If you are interested in Black and White Photo Editing or Photography then Hypocam is the perfect app for you. Developed by IOAPPS, Hypocam was founded in 2013 and it was one of the best black and white photo app at that time and even today it continues its journey by being the best Black and white photo editing app.

Hypocam allows its users to directly shoot and capture images from their app so they can feel the quality of black and white photography. It’s unique Black and white editing features and filters allow users to set the tones as per their requirements. Users can also share the pictures directly from their app and by using their hashtag they can become the part of their Black and white photo community. You can download Hypocam on your Android device and App Store from the links given below.


5.Shapical X

Offered by Sixhands, Shapical X is kind of different from the other editing apps out there. This is for the people who love to experiment with their photos and are interested to use effects like Double Exposure, Glitch, Neon, Mirror, Gradients and more. Shapical X offers all these effects and more. Create amazing Double Exposure images, create stunning art with their Graphic Objects and get started with Shapical X now. You can download Shapical X from the links given below.