WhatsApp beta build brings fingerprint lock feature to Android

WhatsApp has been offering its fingerprint unlock feature to its iOS users but has not made this feature available to Android users. But that is now changing. A few months ago, we reported that a fingerprint unlock feature was spotted on WhatsApp beta version for Android, along with the Dark Mode.

Now, WhatsApp has finally made available the fingerprint lock feature for Android beta users with the latest build version 2.19.221. The feature is disabled by default and the users will need to enable it in by going into the Settings.


This feature is aimed at enabling users to add a layer of protection to their app chats, keeping lurkers at bay. There’s also a new ‘show content in notifications’ option added allowing users to decide if they want to show or hide message and sender preview when the fingerprint lock is enabled.

How to enable Fingerprint lock in WhatsApp on Android

  • Make sure you are using WhatsApp Beta version 2.19.221
  • Open WhatsApp and go to Settings
  • Under the Settings menu, head over to Account
  • Then go to Privacy > Fingerprint Lock
  • Enable the ‘Unlock with Fingerprint’ option
  • Select from any three options — immediately, after 1 minute, and after 30 minutes

Notably, the feature requires the phone to be running Android Marshmallow or higher, and have a fingerprint scanner present.

As you can see, users can choose from these options according to their preference. Choosing the’ immediately’ option will require the user to fingerprint authenticate every time they close and open WhatsApp application while the other two options are based on the time interval.

Since the feature is present in the latest Android beta, it should roll out for the stable app users soon. If you cannot gain access to the Google Play beta program to get this new version, you could alternatively sideload by downloading this APK file.