Top 5 Best Websites to Kill Time on Internet

Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube aren’t the only websites that help you to kill time. We know memes are cool but some websites are way cooler. Don’t believe us? Read on and try them yourself!

1. Incredibox


This one is for all the music lovers out there. Incredibox lets you create your music by managing a group of Beatboxers and Singers. You just have to drag and drop the different avatars of your favorite beatboxer and he will automatically do his work. Currently, Incredibox comes with  7 amazing beatboxers and their latest beatboxer Jeevan is my personal favorite. Its web version is limited to the 4 beatboxers but you can download their app and get access to all of them. You can check out Incredibox by clicking here.

2.Geek Prank Hacker Typer



Do you ever wonder what are those Operating systems that hackers use in the movies? Now you can get the same kind of look at your screens and prank your friends that you are hacking. Geek Prank Hacker Typer is an online hacking simulator that comes with features like Bitcoin Miner, Nuclear Plant, Password Cracker, Program Console and more. Once you’ve opened the program console you can start pressing any key and that will automatically execute codes on your screen. You can also get Warning messages like Installing Malware, Self Destruct, and Permission granted by pressing your numeric keys.

This is a pretty cool website to kill your time and you can also prank your friends with its help. You can visit Geek Prank Hacker Typer by clicking here.

3.Fidget Spinner Online


Well, you must be already familiar with Fidget Spinners as they became popular as soon as they entered the market in 2018. Now you can spin them online for free thanks, to this website. This website offers you 5 kinds of fidget spinners which get unlocked after some specific spins. Break your own Max RPM records, Increase your Total Spins and unlock more fidget spinners. You can visit Fidget Spinner Online by clicking here.

4. The Secret Door


Next up, we have The Secret Door website which takes us to the best and some of the weirdest places on the earth just with a single click. It uses Google Street View and you can zoom in, zoom out and roam around your discovered places sitting at your home. Once you get bored you can travel to somewhere else by pressing the “Take me somewhere else” button on the left. You can visit The Secret Door by clicking here.

5. Free Rice


You can now be a part of ending hunger in the world by answering simple questions related to your favorite subject. Free Rice is a website that donates 10grains of rice per answer through the World Food Programme which means that the more questions you answer the more your contribution goes. Is there a better way than this to kill your time when you are bored? We don’t think so. You can visit Free Rice by clicking here.

These were our Top 5 websites to kill time on the Internet. If you have any other website suggestions, let us know in the comments below.