6 Things that you should never do with your Smartphone

Whenever a new smartphone comes in the market, every one of us gets excited and starts saving money for it. However, once we finally buy the smartphone we forget how hard we’ve worked for it and eventually we stop caring for our phone which affects its life. Can you relate to this? If yes, then this article is for you. In this guide, we’ve compiled the Top 6 Things that you should never do with your smartphone. Without waiting further, let’s get started.

Things you should never do with your Smartphone:

1. Installing Apps from Unknown Sources



The first mistake that smartphone users do is that they start installing Apps from third-party websites or App Stores without realizing the risks it comes with. Now if you install an app from a third party website it may give you a paid software for free but by doing that you are encouraging piracy. The next thing is that Google doesn’t monitor the third party websites you use, so if you download an APK it may come with malware. So to avoid such stuff, make sure you download your Apps from Play Store after doing proper research and reading its reviews.

2. Using Battery Savers


People are hungry for getting good battery life on their smartphones and for that they often Install Battery Saving apps on their Smartphones but Did you know these apps are harmful to your smartphone? Firstly, the battery saver app that you install on your smartphone itself consumes your battery life when it’s running in the background. Moreover, the battery saver apps are of no use because all they do is turn off the features that aren’t being used and kill the applications which are running in the background. These are the things which you can do yourself.

If you aren’t using Bluetooth on your phone, you can turn it off yourself. If you want to kill an App you can do it yourself. There’s no point in using a Battery saver app hence we’d recommend you to stay away from these apps and save your smartphone’s battery life and health.

3. Using Counterfeit or Cheap Quality Chargers and USB Cables for Charging


Next up, we have another issue that affects the battery life of your smartphone. Whenever the original charger gets damaged people always prefer to buy duplicate or cheap quality chargers as they cost less when compared to original chargers. Doing this harms your battery life and also increases the chances of an explosion. So the next time you buy a new Charger or a USB Cable, make sure you check the brand and the certifications it comes with.

4. Ignoring App Permissions


With all the Data Leak controversies in the past, the latest Android OS asks the users to “Accept” or “Decline” permissions for the apps they have installed. Checking the permissions that an app asks you for, is important. For example, if you are Installing an App that allows you to manage your hashtags Instagram hashtags, it won’t ask you permissions for your storage, mic, camera or anything else. If it asks don’t give those permissions because there are chances that the app will monitor you or use the data stored on your device. Hence, it becomes important to have a look at the App permissions whenever you Install an App.

5. Never Updating Installed Apps or Softwares


Now, this is something we all do, including me. We are very lazy to update our installed Apps so every time an App update comes we simply ignore it which is wrong. Whenever there is a new update it brings new security patches, bug fixtures and sometimes it also brings new features. So the next time you update PUBG Mobile, make sure you update the other installed apps too.

TipTurn on Auto Updates on Play Store to never miss an update.

6. Never Restarting your Phone


Rebooting your phone becomes necessary as it wipes all the cache and temporary data which is stored on your phone and that leads to more free storage and better performance. Hence we’d recommend you to restart your phone twice a month to keep it healthy.

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