How to see deleted WhatsApp messages on Android

A few years ago, in 2017, popular instant messaging app WhatsApp introduced a feature allowing its users to delete messages after sending them to other users. Using the feature, the user can delete messages for the receiver on the other end for individual as well as group chats.

If the user deletes the sent message, a notification appears that reads “This message was deleted” instead of the actual message of text, audio, photo or video. However, there’s a workaround that lets users see the deleted messages.


The workaround is based on a third-party application called WhatsRemoved+. How the app works is quite simple. It gets access to your phone’s data and monitors notifications on the device and stores the content of the notifications which can be then be access by the user.

Follow the below steps to install the app and configure it to be able to see deleted WhatsApp messages.

  • Download and install WhatsRemoved+ from Google Play Store (link)
  • Now, select the app that you want to grant access to
  • Select WhatsApp from the list. You can also add other apps
  • From now onwards, every notification received for WhatsApp can be accessed by using WhatsRemoved+ app

The application also detects changes in the notifications and can also notify uses about those changes. However, do note that the app not only records the deleted messages, but all the messages that appear in notifications. So, before using the app, think if compromising your privacy is worth being able to see deleted messages.