Top 10 Call of Duty Mobile Tips and Tricks that will help you to play like a Pro

Call of Duty is the next big thing in the mobile gaming world and people are loving it ever since it was launched. The game managed to get 100 Million downloads in its first week and with those stats, it already beats the popular games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. It has amazing weapons and along with that the gameplay also feels realistic when you play it. When it comes to graphics it has better graphics than both PUBG Mobile and Fortnite and that’s one of the reasons people are loving it.

Now mostly every one of you who plays the game must be aware of the basic rules and things to be done hence in this guide, we’ve compiled some amazing tips and tricks that will help you to improve your game. Without waiting further, let’s get started.


1) Graphics Settings

Every game comes with some Graphics Settings that you have to tweak around and the same is the case with Call of Duty Mobile. This game is much more optimized when compared to PUBG and Fortnite and it supports ‘High to Very High’ Graphics Settings even in the mid-range devices. However, what matters more is the FPS you get on the device. Hence if you are using a smartphone that comes with a Mid-range chipset switch your Graphics to low and change your FPS to the max.


2) Shoot enemies through walls

Did you know that you can shoot enemies through walls without using any kind of hacks? I know this sounds weird but in some maps like Nuketown, Firing Range, Crash and Crossfire you can actually shoot enemies through walls. Let’s take Nuketown as an example. In Nuketown there’s a garden-like area near the car which is protected by a grill. If the enemy is behind that you can shoot it up from the back or the front and you can easily get the kill. The same is the case with Nuketown Garage shoot through it and kill any enemy who is hiding.

3) Kill Enemy Faster

Have you seen those Red Points which keep blinking on your enemy’s suit? Aiming and shooting there will help you to take down enemies faster when you are shooting from a long-range. There are 90% chances that your enemy will get killed if you follow this so next time when you play the game make sure you Aim at the right spot.

4) Get that Helicopter while playing Battle Royale

Now, this tip is for those people who just want to make it to the Top 10 while playing the battle royale mode on Call of Duty Mobile. To make it into the Top 10 without getting any kills just grab a helicopter from the area you love and keep driving it until the last safe zone comes. You can also leave the Helicopter when few teams are remaining and you think you can handle them with ease. You must keep your Helicopter as high as possible so the enemies can’t shoot it. We’d recommend you to drop at Estate when you are landing to quickly get a helicopter and get some kills.

5) Make use of Drones and Missiles

When you are playing the Multiplayer mode Drones and Missiles play an important role for you and your team for getting those kills. You must keep making scorestreaks and charge up your Hunter Killer Drone, Predator Missile and the other stuff you’ve earned. Using them at the right time is also important. If there isn’t much score difference between your team and the enemy’s team use a drone or a missile to get some easy and instant kills and take up the lead.

6) Don’t cluster together when you are moving

One common mistake that players make while playing the game is that they move together when the game starts which is wrong. If your enemy is at a distance or if he is hiding in a building or something else he can easily take all of you down with a single magazine if every one of you is moving together.

Not only this, if two people are moving together and the second guy is just behind the first one then there are chances that he’ll get shot with the first player itself and your enemy will get a double kill. Hence, it important to maintain some distance while moving so incase one team member gets shot down the other guy can handle the situation and kill the enemy.

7) Always Carry a Pistol or Knife as your Secondary Weapon

Secondary Weapon becomes important when you are playing the game because if you run out of ammo in your primary weapon then your secondary weapon comes to the rescue. It’s always better to carry a pistol or a knife rather than using an FMJ or SMRS as pistol works better and comes with more ammo when compared to both the weapons whereas knife can be a great option to keep running and kill enemies in a close range. So the next time you play COD Mobile make sure you keep this in mind.

8) Make use of Sticky Grenades and Trip Mines

Using Sticky Grenades or Trip Mines is better than using a normal frag grenade as they take some time to blast and your chances of killing enemies increase with that. Trip Mine only blasts when someone passes through it and if someone doesn’t destroy the trip mine you can get yourself an easy kill. Whereas, sticky grenades stick to the surface and take approx 5 seconds to blast.

9) Start firing if you know your Enemy’s position

A lot of times when we are playing the game we find some enemies who repeatedly keep going to the same place for getting those kills. However, if you notice this behaviour and find someone who is constantly shooting from the same place, reach there and start firing in advanced because that will give you an advantage. As soon as the enemy comes in your sight he’ll come in contact with the bullets and before he can do anything he’ll die. Sound’s cool? Try this up when you play the game next time.

10) Claim your tier points and Participate in Events

A lot of people complete the tier missions but they don’t claim those points due to some reason. It is important to participate in daily/ weekly events as they help you to get rewards like Guns, Grenades, Operator Skills and more. Hence, complete your daily missions claim your rewards and keep growing.

Wrapping Up:

So that’s all for this guide. If we were helpful let us know in the comments below and for more guides like this make sure you check out our Guides section by clicking here.