TRAI intends to mandate minimum internet speed for wireless services in India

While the DGCA sent out a wave of relief for the frequent flyers who are now allowed to use their mobile phone in the flight, the TRAI is now planning to mandate minimum wireless speed. A good week for mobile users indeed.


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has revealed that it has been receiving a number of complaints from consumers regarding the poor download speed experienced by them. As such, on examining the complaints, the authority feels that it is required to mandate the minimum download speed for the wireless data services.

According to TRAI, the minimum download speed for 3G and CDMA EVDO service should be 1 megabit per second with 95 per cent success rate. For GSM and CDMA 2G the minimum speed expected is 56 kilobit per second and for CDMA high speed data it is 512 kbps.

Currently operators promise mobile Internet speed in the range of 7.1 mbps to 21 mbps, however in reality the average user would hardly get 2 mbps speed, with some going as low as 399 kbps, thus making it ineligible to be tagged as broadband services.