TRAI says Tata DOCOMO’s network delivers on all network quality parameters


In last few days you must have seen the New Tata DOCOMO ads on TV suggesting ‘No getting away from the network that connects always. Everywhere’. The reason behind the present ad campaign is that Tata DOCOMO network delivers on all network quality parameters, as set by TRAI.


Tata DOCOMO claims that since the launch its network has improved significantly and is now comparable with the top players in the category. The company also claimed that over the last 2 years, it has completed the ramp-up of their network to support 2G as well as 3G services. Its network supports superior voice experience on calls & enables richer communication with friends and family by ensuring: Network Availability, Network Connectivity, Call Quality and Least congestion. Backed by globally most advanced network technology, network service delivery is now a key differentiator for Tata DOCOMO.

We say, it’s not what TRAI says matters a lot, but what a cusomter of Tata DOCOMO feels, if Tata DOCOMO is keeping its customers happy when it comes to its network, they are doing well otherwise not.

What’s your take, are you happy with Tata DOCOMO?