Troubleshooting : BSNL 3G Teracom Data Card installation

Some of the BSNL 3G Teracom data card users are facing trouble with their data cards. We have tried to come up with some solution. Here is the list of some most common issues Teracom Data card users are facing :

1.Data card is not detected as Modem
The device Status in Device Manager shows USB Mass Storage device and do not detected any 3G Modem in device manager list. The data card software window pop up mesage displays “No Device”

Analysis : The data card with Ericsson chipset does not work with already installed software of Qualcomm chipset data card and vice versa and displays “No Device”
Suggetsion : Always install new data card software after completely uninsalling the existing data card software, if any.

2. Disabling of Audio Driver of PC
In some cases data card is detected and connection is made but Audio Driver of PC is disabled.

Suggestion : After installation of data card, enable the audio driver of PC/Laptop once using GUI of 3G data card (Settings > Audio Device). If device is un-installed, then install it again, this step is to be done again to enable the audio driver of PC/Laptop.

3.Compatibility issue with Window 7

Suggestion : Teracom Data Card is compatible with Windows 7. If software does not install automatically, then install it manually. The install or run option may be enalbed from Start > Control Panel > Auto Play > Games & Software > Choose option for auto installation of devices.