Twitter and Facebook for BlackBerry updated to v3.0

Twitter for BlackBerry and Facebook for BlackBerry have both received a minor yet worthy update in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. 


With this update the version of the Twitter for BlackBerry reaches v3.0.0.20, Whereas Facebook for BlackBerry, now stays at version 3.0.014. There are a number of bugs fixes and a few new features that have been released for both the apps. Complete changelog and download link after the break.

Twitter for BlackBerry 
New Features:
  • BBM Connected App Integration
  • New Tweet Layout
  • Twitter Photo Service Support
  • Automatic Link Shortening
  • Improved Notifications for Wi-Fi Only Users
Issues Fixed:
  • Stuck on loading when you first enter the app and scroll directly to the bottom
Facebook for BlackBerry
New Features:
  • BBM Connected App Integration
  • New Facebook Publisher
  • Share with BBM Contact
  • UI Discoverability Improvements
  • Improved Facebook Notifications
  • User-Friendly Error Messages
Fixed issues:
  • When Facebook is installed on a device running a language that is not officially supported by Facebook for BlackBerry, but is supported by BB, the app is supposed to default to English. 
  • Facebook application uses HTTP links in browser
  • The Facebook server has returned an unknown error and is not able to fulfill your request. (1500)
  • WiLAN event is not being processed correctly when radio is low or changed
  • Unable to close Facebook using back key on 6.0
Follow the links below to download the respective apps.