Twitter rolls out audio-only broadcasting feature

Around two years ago, Twitter released an update that allowed its users to broadcast live video from within its Android and iOS apps. And now, the company has released another update that allows audio-only broadcasting from the Twitter app.

Twitter has announced the launch of its audio-only broadcasting feature. And, as the name suggests, it lets you launch live broadcasts that only include audio, and not video. Well, this is useful for those who are into podcasting on social media. Apart from that, we personally don’t see any other use case for this audio-only broadcasting feature. Do you?

The option to start audio-only broadcast is available where the option to start Live video is. However, this feature is currently only rolling out for iOS users, and there’s no word on when Twitter will roll it out for Android users. But, just because the feature is rolling out only for iOS users doesn’t mean that other users won’t be able to listen to the live audio-only broadcasts.

That said, Twitter is also testing two new features called “reply threading” and “presence”. The former will show replies on Twitter in a nested manner – like Facebook and Instagram – whereas, the later will show when a Twitter user is online. Twitter says these features will help make the platform more “conversational”.