Android One is not the reason for removal of notch hiding feature from Nokia 6.1 Plus

There has been quite a buzz around the Nokia 6.1 Plus after it received a software update with August security patch. Well, this software update not only came along with August security patch, but also did something that miffed a lot many users: The update removed the notch hiding feature from the Nokia 6.1 Plus. While HMD Global hasn’t offered any explanation for removing this feature, many believed that Android One was the reason for this. But, it turns out that Android One is not at fault after all.


After HMD removed the notch hiding feature from Nokia 6.1 Plus, many users took to Nokia’s official forum seeking answers from the company. And, in a reply to a user on the forum, a Nokia representative said that they “had to remove the Notch hide option as per Google requirement” from the Nokia 6.1 Plus. Now as the Nokia 6.1 Plus is an Android One smartphone, many users were forced to think that the feature was removed from the phone due to Android One which prevents OEMs from adding extra features to their smartphone. This assumption was further fueled by the fact that Nokia 6.1 Plus runs Android Oreo which doesn’t have native support for display notches, and users believed that the option to hide notch could make a return with Android Pie update that has native support for notches.

However, a Google spokesperson has confirmed to XDA-Developers that Android One program doesn’t prevent OEMs from adding any notch hiding features to their smartphones. Furthermore, there’s also no requirement from Google that prevents OEMs from adding any such features to their devices. However, the OEMs may be asked by Google to make some adjustments to their software features if those features prevent apps from working properly.

That said, at press time, neither HMD nor Google have revealed the reason for removal of notch hiding feature from Nokia 6.1 Plus. But, Juho Sarvikas – Chief Product Officer at HMD Global – has confirmed that this notch hiding feature will make a return to Nokia 6.1 Plus. We just don’t know when.

Well, irrespective of whatever the reason was behind removing the notch hiding feature from Nokia 6.1 Plus, we are glad to know that the feature wasn’t removed because of the Android One program.