Twitter finally brings back the reverse-chronological feed, but only for iOS users

Ahoy y’all Twitter maties! Today’s the day that we all have been waiting for eagerly. Yes, Twitter has finally brought back the much-loved reverse-chronological feed. Hence, we’ll finally be able to see all the tweets from the accounts we follow in the reverse-chronological order.

For those unaware, reverse-chronological feed means you will see the latest tweets first, instead of the tweets Twitter thinks you are more interested in checking out. Until February 2016, Twitter showed all the tweets in reverse-chronological order, but, in February 2016, the company introduced algorithm-based feed so that you “never miss important Tweets from people you follow”.

However, back in September this year, Twitter announced that it would soon let users switch between algorithmic feed and chronological feed. And now, the company has finally announced that its users can now switch between algorithmic feed and reverse-chronological feed.

Twitter has introduced a new “Sparkle” button that appears in the top-right corner of the app’s screen. With this button, users can switch between the algorithmic feed (top tweets) and reverse-chronological feed (latest tweets). However, this feature is currently only available for iOS users, with Android users slated to get it “soon”.

That said, according to a report by The Verge, if users regularly switch to reverse-chronological feed, then Twitter will set the latest tweets as default instead of showing the top tweets.