Instagram announces new features to make interaction with Stories fun

Instagram introduced quite a lot of new features this year, however, it looks like the company isn’t done rolling out new features yet.  Last week, Instagram announced audio messages feature. And two days ago, Instagram rolled out a feature that lets users add people in an ongoing video chat. Well now, Instagram has announced a couple of more features with an aim to make interaction with Stories fun.

Respond to questions with a song

Instagram rolled out the ‘Questions’ sticker a couple of months ago that lets users ask questions through Stories. The followers can then send in their responses which are only visible to the person who asked the question unless he decides to share it with his followers.

Well now, Instagram has announced that users can now respond with a song too. Whenever you respond, you will see a new music icon that lets you choose a song directly from the music library. The person who asked the question will be able to play these songs by tapping the play button from the responses.

Moreover, users will also see new effects in camera that “respond to the beats and sounds of a song”. These new effects can be tried by swiping to “Music” in camera.

Use ‘Questions’ sticker in Live


Users can now respond to the questions they are asked through the ‘Questions’ sticker by going Live. When a user is answering a question in Live, you will see “Q&A” in your Stories tray. Furthermore, users can also share photos and videos from their smartphone’s gallery in their Live video.

Countdown Sticker


Instagram has announced a new ‘Countdown’ sticker for Stories which is self-explanatory. With this sticker, you can set a countdown to any special moment like New Year, or maybe your birthday.

Using this ‘Countdown’ sticker is pretty easy. All you have to do is add the sticker to your Story like you add other stickers, give your countdown a name, add an end date or time, and you are good to go. You can also customize the color if you want. Your followers can share your countdown in their own Stories, and, when the countdown ends, they will get a notification.

All of these features are rolling out globally for both Android and iOS users with the latest version of Instagram. However, the music feature is only available in those regions where Instagram’s music library is available.

Download Link: Instagram for Android | Instagram for iOS