Twitter introduces interactive notifications on the web

Twitter has been busy implementing Facebook like features in the recent past and it seems to have taken another page from Facebook’s book. Twitter has just introduced interactive notifications on the web.


Similar to notifications on Facebook, there will be a pop-up on Twitter web every time someone replies, favorites or retweets one of your Tweets. There’s ability to get notifications for new followers and direct messages. The notifications will be interactive and you can reply to the notifications directly from the pop-up window.


You will be able to change your notification settings from your account settings. You can select to get notifications from selected people and what notifications you want to receive.

Twitter will be rolling out the new feature gradually in the coming weeks, so it might take time to reach every country. Twitter will also refine push notifications for its apps too on different platforms, so we’ll keep a keen eye on app updates as well. As always, we’ll let you know.