Uber now allows users to update pick-up location after booking a ride

Further simplifying the process of ride hailing and in a strong attempt to reduce the unnecessary cancellations, Uber now allows users to update the pick-up location after requesting the ride.


Uber has announced that Uber riders can now conveniently update their pick up location after requesting a ride. As such, users can redirect the driver to the exact location in case they happened to request from the wrong place. The feature would be gradually rolled out to all users in India in the next few weeks.

To update the pick-up location, Uber users need to click the ‘Edit’ option next to the pick-up location. Users can then enter the new pick-up location and click ‘Confirm’. The drive would be instantly notified of the new location and have their route updated.

Speaking about the feature, Rachel Holt, Regional General Manager, US & Canada, Uber, said, “Pick-ups are one of the hardest parts of the experience to get right, and they’re especially difficult when riders accidentally request a pickup from the wrong place. It often begins with a phone call and ends with a cancelled ride. A small miscue can lead to a frustrating situation where riders aren’t riding, and drivers aren’t earning,