Uninor launches its Mobile service in 5 telecom circles

uninor-launch-5-circles  Uninor is now available in 13 telecom circles with the launch of its GSM service in 5 telecom circles today. Uninor today announced the launch of its GSM service in Mumbai, Maharashtra & Goa, Gujarat, Kolkata and West Bengal.

The service is launched in all 5 circles with the new concept of Dynamic Pricing (DP). Branded as ‘24X7 Badalta Discount Plan’, DP will offer call discounts that will change from 5% to 60% with location and with time – with each cell phone tower broadcasting a different discount.

At the same location, the discount will change every hour. This discount will be applicable on a standard base call rate of 50 paisa per minute for any local call, Uninor-to-Uninor or Uninor-to-any other operator. This means a 1-minute local call could cost as low as 20 paisa and never more than 50 paisa.  

On launch day, Uninor connections in these 5 circles will be available at over 85,000 points of sale through 439 distributors and at 81 exclusive shops in the five new circles. Uninor claims that this is the largest ever launch distribution in these cities and states achieved by any GSM operator in India.