How to display Network Speed, Battery Percentage on Xiaomi Mi Max 2 [Guide]

When you buy a smartphone, some of the basic features you require in the phone are viewing battery percentage and the network speed right on the notification bar. Xiaomi phones comes with these features but aren’t enabled on its own, you manually have to turn them on in the settings. We got the newest Xiaomi smartphone Mi Max 2 with Android Nougat operating system, so we will show you how you can view the Battery percentage as well as the network speed indicator on Xiaomi Mi Max 2.


Display Battery percentage on Xiaomi Mi Max 2

The battery percentage indicator isn’t enabled, you have the graphical indicator battery by default. To display the Battery percentage in the notification bar,

  • Go to Settings -> Notification & status bar.
  • Tap on Battery indicator and choose Percentage.

Now you can view Battery percentage in the notification bar alongside the battery icon.



How to display Network Speed in the notification bar

Xiaomi allows you to view network speed in the notification bar which stock Androids don’t come with. To display network speed in the notification bar,

  • Again go to Settings -> Notification & status bar.
  • Turn on the slider Show connection speed.

The notification bar will now show the internet speed whenever you use Wi-Fi or Mobile data.



The Xiaomi Mi Max 2 comes with the MIUI 8 with Android 7.1.1 Nougat. Hence, the guide applies to the Xiaomi devices running MIUI 8 software on it.

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