What does 3G have in store for us?

A lot of hype has been built around the name 3G and the curiosity has reached it’s peak due seveal delays in the implementation of 3G. Today lets find what actually does 3G have in store for us. Will it change the way we use our mobiles?
  • Mobile Broadband – 3G will do away with the slow 144 kbps downloads and jittery streaming videos. 3G supports downloads speeds up to 7.2 mbps (though most 3G handsets support only up to 3.6 mbps) none the less it should be more than sufficient for us. You can even use most of the 3G handsets as modems and surf the internet on your laptop while one the move. Also, there are HSDPA Data Cards available exclusive for using mobile broadband on your laptop or netbook.
  • Mobile Television – Beneficial mostly for people always on the move. You can watch your favourite channels while travelling. Catch up on the latest News Bulletins or even your favourite TV Serials.
  • Video Calls – Video Calling will be a reality. You can see your loved ones as you speak to them. This is surely one step forward than regular phone calls.
  • Remote Video Monitoring – It is possible to remotely monitor your work place or home while travelling or so. You can see what exactly is going on at your work place in your absence and the same at home.
  • Gaming – Especially iPhone users can play peer to peer games as well as sophisticated games sans the choppy experience on 2G Networks.

Are you ready to embrace 3G?

Most handsets in the market priced around the Rs. 10,000 mark are mostly 3G enabled. Chances are that you already own a 3G enabled handset and so you wouldn’t have to invest in another handset just to experience 3G. However, people who own USB as well as PCMCIA Data Cards will have to discard their current ones and buy a new Data Card which supports 3G speeds.

Want an early taste of 3G?

Are you eager to try out 3G immediately and don’t want to wait more. If yes, the state run Telecom Companies – MTNL and BSNL have already launched 3G services sometime back in some specific areas like Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. These are currently launced on trial basis and commercial launch is expected in a few months time. Private players such as Vodafone, Airtel, Idea and others will have to wait till the 3G Auctions are over and so there is still some time for real competition.