You can now use Siri on iPhone to send messages to WhatsApp groups

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has rolled out quite a few features in recent times like labeling forwarded messages as “Forwarded” and giving more power to group admins. Well now, the company has rolled out a new feature for iPhone users that makes it easier for them to send messages using Siri – Apple’s digital assistant.


With latest update to WhatsApp for iPhone carrying version number 2.18.80, it’s now possible for iPhone users to send messages to group chats using Siri. The ability to send messages to private chats using Siri has been around for some time now, but, with version 2.18.80, iPhone users can now put Siri to use to send messages to group chats as well.

How to send messages to WhatsApp groups using Siri?

  • Say “Hey Siri” or long-press the home button on your iPhone.
  • Say “Send a message to WhatsApp group” followed by group name. For example, “Send a message to WhatsApp group PUBG Squad”.
  • If there are multiple groups with similar name, Siri will show you the list of all those groups. Select the group from the list that you want to send the message to and say the message you want to send to that group.

If you aren’t able to send messages to WhatsApp groups using Siri, make sure you are using the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Download Link: WhatsApp for iPhone