Why does Samsung make tablets like crazy?

Well, this is a question we ask ourselves every time we see a new Samsung tablet release not much time after the release of the previous tablet.

Samsung has so many tablets, that it is tough to even remember the names of all. In totality, the line-up now has three 10.1-inch tablets, three 7-inchers, one 7.7-inch and one 8.9-inch tablet. Not only these are a large range of tablets, they are quite similar in proportions too.

We even reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 recently, which you can check out here
So what’s the point really behind so many tablets?
Well, it is mostly because of the scene the tablet market is in. Samsung started out and has focused always on a single competitor – the Apple iPad. It has given us quality tablets, no doubt, but none of them match up to the iPad. It had huge competition 
Its main strategy is to trump iPad from the top by the numbers. But the thing is, Samsung really needs to do better on that count. See, it works like this Android tablets are about to trump the iPad for market share. And being on the top of the Android market, lets Samsung aim for the top spot. 
Samsung has any tablets, but most of them range between 25K to 40K. We call them mid-range tablets, but the thing is they actually seem expensive in front of so many options we have got. 
The problem with that strategy is that really, it kind of puts doubts in our mind regarding the brand effectiveness. See, the thing is when you overboard the tablet market like that, what happens is that your advertizing doesn’t work in a good way and your brand becomes simultaneous with quantity instead of quality. 
That is what is happening with Samsung. It has its brand worthiness diluted, just because of this. But is that the end of the story? Well, heck no. 
Samsung is set to light the town on fire with the Galaxy tab 2.0 series, which has better specs and is coming soon to India.