How to use your Samsung phone as a Wi-Fi repeater [Guide]

If you often create a mobile data hotspot from your phone, there’s a way to share the internet via hotspot, that’s from your connected Wi-Fi on your phone and not from the mobile data. Yes, Samsung smartphones are able to do it and we tried it on the latest Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S10+.

What’s the purpose of sharing a Wi-Fi network when other Wi-Fi enabled devices can connect it anyway? It can be useful when your Wi-Fi signal is weaker and can’t reach to the other rooms, extend it seamlessly via Wi-Fi sharing feature on your Samsung phones. What’s Wi-Fi sharing? In simple words, it’s the same Wi-Fi network that can be shared over the hotspot.


Samsung smartphones can let you share the internet via hotspot, either from mobile data or Wi-Fi. We are talking about the hotspot that uses the internet from a Wi-Fi network.

Enable Wi-Fi sharing on Samsung smartphones

Before you turn on the hotspot, turn on the Wi-Fi sharing feature on your Samsung mobile.

  • Head to the Settings -> Connections -> Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.

Under that, tap on Mobile Hotspot slider at the bottom. Here, you can set the Wi-Fi name and password as well.

Once you have the option turned on, you just need to enable the hotspot with mobile data turned off to share the Wi-Fi internet to the other devices. This feature can be used as a repeater if your Wi-Fi signal is weak.



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