Windows 8 tablets can be expensive, thanks to high licensing cost

At the recently concluded Computex 2012, we got to see many tablet manufacturers show off their upcoming tablet running on Windows 8 OS and also Windows RT OS which is made specifically for the tablets running on ARM processor. 


We know that Microsoft charges a license fee for its OS, for example $30 for each Windows Phone license and the same will happen with the Windows RT OS and if the rumours which are doing the rounds are to be believed, then each Windows RT license would cost OEMs a whooping $80 to $95.

Now this could be a blow to all your dreams as with such high OS license cost, the final price of the tablet could see a substantial rise. Now this could affect the pricing strategy by OEMs as they also have to consider hardware costs and other factors while deciding the pricing of the tablets. 
And if this software licence price of Windows RT turns out to be true, then the tablets would surely arrive with a price tag of $500 and up. This could shatter the dreams of many buyers who are ditching Android or iOS and waiting to experience the Windows 8 OS on a tablet and saving every buck for a Win8 device. 
Android tablets manage to arrive with a comparatively lower price tag as the OS is free and OEM can customise it as they wish to. But this is not same in the case of Windows. But for now this is only a rumour and we hope that Microsoft works out a better strategy for its license fee of Windows RT OS.