Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center aka Notification Center leaks

We all know that Windows Phone 8.1 is going to feature a notification center and we have just come across leaked pictures of the Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center. Well, as per reports, Microsoft will be calling their own version of the notification system as the ‘Action Center’.


The Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center first leaked in blurry images from an internal Microsoft presentation, thanks to the folks at Winphollowers. Then, we got better quality pictures thanks to The Verge.


The Action Center will work similarly to Android (and iOS too), a small swipe from up will bring the four toggles for basic settings like WiFi, Bluetooth etc.. and you can edit them to put your most used setting in there. The Action Center also shows battery percentage just below the battery icon, the date below the time and the operator name below the network bars. A long swipe will bring the full Action Center which will show you the notifications grouped by apps and the apps will also have the ability to control these notifications.

The sources also confirm about the other Windows Phone 8.1 rumors. According to the sources. The rumored Cortana voice assistant is surely coming and it will be powered by the likes of Foursuare, Bing and others to bring you all the meaningful and personalized info. Windows Phone 8.1 will also finally bring separate volume controls for media, apps and calls.

As per reports, Windows Phone 8.1 will be unveiled at the annual Microsoft Build conference in April. So, do you like Microsoft’s approach to the notification center or ‘Action Center’?