Windows Phone 8 signed off for RTM, now it’s all up to manufacturers

According to reports that are doing the rounds and also a few pictures that have surfaces, it seems that the Windows Phone 8 OS has finally been RTM’d.


If you are wondering what RTM is, then it means Released to Manufacturers. Yes! The Windows Phone 8 has been completed by Microsoft and the RTM version or the ‘Gold version’ has been released for OEMs.

It seems that the release of the Windows Phone 8 to OEMs is on time but we cannot confirm that as no information is available on the same.
Now it is up to device manufacturers to get the OS onto their hardware, tweak it up as to per their wish, and iron out the bugs if there are any and flash the devices with the Windows Phone 8.


Later on the devices with the RTM version of the OS will be taken to carriers to test and approve or OEMs can test the devices themselves and keep the device packed for markets where unlocked devices are sold.
With this we really hope that the whole process is complete as early as possible and more ‘held-back’ features of the Windows Phone 8 OS are unveiled to us and the devices arrive on time for a November release.