Mi HyperSonic PowerBank introduces 50W fast charging and 20,000 mAh capacity in India

Xiaomi has introduced its latest power bank, the Mi HyperSonic PowerBank equipped with up to 50W fast charging and 20,000 mAh battery capacity via its crowdfunding platform in India. The Mi HyperSonic PowerBank features a premium matte finish black color design made from high-quality PC + ABS material making it strong and durable.


The Mi HyperSonic PowerBank is the most advanced power bank from the company that offers fast-charging capabilities and comes with triple ports enabling users to charge multiple products at the same time.

The power bank comes with a USB Type-C interface and dual USB Type-A and is capable of fast charging a laptop at 45W (PD 3.0). As per Xiaomi, the Mi HyperSonic PowerBank can power up a typical 4,500 mAh smartphone battery in about 1 hour 5 mins of time. It takes about 3 hours 50 mins to charge the power bank at a 45W power rate.

Mi Hypersonic power bank also features a low-power charging mode that can be activated by simply double-tapping the power button, to allow safe charging of devices with low-power output such as Bluetooth headsets, fitness bands, smartwatches, etc.

Mi HyperSonic Power Bank 20,000 mAh is available at a crowdfunding price of Rs 3,499 on Mi.com starting on 30th July 2021. If the campaign becomes successful, the company will launch the Xiaomi Mi Powerbank Hypersonic as a regular product in the coming months at a higher price than Rs 3,499