Xiaomi launches ShareSave cross-border e-commerce platform in India, makes it easier to buy China-exclusive products

Those who follow the smartphone industry must be aware that Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi launches its smartphones (and some other products) first in China and then in India. However, there are times when some products don’t make their way out of China. As a result, customers living outside China have to resort to third-party sellers and e-commerce websites to purchase products that are available only in China. Well, Xiaomi aims to make things easier for such customers with ShareSave — its cross-border e-commerce platform.


Xiaomi has announced the launch of its cross-border e-commerce platform ShareSave that offers a “convenient and cost-effective way” of buying products available only in China to people living outside China.

Xiaomi says ShareSave that’s launched in India is a global initiative and will be expanded to other markets in the future.

The company further says that it has used social e-commerce as the core model for ShareSave to let people “connect, enjoy and share” a unique shopping experience on this platform.

ShareSave offers eco-system products like mobile peripherals and smart hardware products to the customers. Some of the products that are currently available on ShareSave are Mi x Wiha Precision Screwdriver, Yeelight LED Light Bulb (Color), and Soocas Sonic Electric Toothbrush X1 Lite.

Customers purchasing products from ShareSave are also promised full local support like after-sales services and doorstep delivery at honest prices.

ShareSave features three types of purchase modes — Pair-up, Drop, and Kickstart.

Pair-up offers you a discount when you buy a product with your friend. The discount is also offered to your friend. Drop offers up to 100% price drop when your drop group has enough friends and family members. And lastly, with Kickstart, you can back your favorite products by contributing $0.2 to get up to 10 times the reward.

You can download the ShareSave app by heading over to the link below if you live in India and want to buy an eco-system product that’s available only in China.

Download Link: ShareSave for Android