Xiaomi shows off smartphone with under-display camera technology

After Oppo shared a short video clip of a working prototype of its under-display camera technology, another China-based smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi also shared a video of the same technology that is currently being developed.


Xiaomi’s co-founder and president Lin Bin posted a video on Weibo of a smartphone that has a camera sensor embedded inside the display. He said that the video was shot last month using the Mi 9 prototype in which the front-facing camera is concealed behind the phone’s screen. This means that this version of the smartphone has no need for any notches, hole-punches, or even pop-up selfie cameras.

It is not yet known how the technology from Xiaomi works. Last week, a patent from Xiaomi got published online which covered this same technology which uses two alternately-driven display portions to allow light to pass through to the camera sensor.

When taking a selfie, the area of the display above the front camera turns transparent, allowing the light to pass to the sensor. The area of the display has “low reflection and high permeability” to make sure that bright light falling upon the display does not hinder the formation of the image on the sensor. As seen in the video, the screen fills up space above the selfie camera when pictures are not being taken with it.

The company has revealed any more details regarding this. However, Xiaomi’s president has said that the company is looking forward to launching smartphones with this technology in the future.